Saturday, August 17, 2013

When Every Drop Counts

Often, we see posters, stickers and similar campaign materials that say: "every drop counts."

In a water-abundant country like the Philippines, some may just read it as that: "every drop counts."
Then, so what? 

Leaking fire hydrant in Tabaco City

Last week, I watched a documentary over the famed GMA News TV. The segment showed how scarce water was in a mountain top of Mindoro province. In low-lying areas like CAMANAVA (stands for Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela cities in Metro Manila), continuous rains cause floods and floating residences. When I say floating, I do not mean those floating communities in Agusan marsh but those communities submerged in water.

Floating community in Agusan Marsh (Talacogon)
I am so blessed to live in a water-abundant community. (Although my life is always in danger every time there is an impending typhoon because floods are threatening.) 

In today's trend on global warming, we may not be able to totally plan our carbon footprints. Yet we may be able to reduce them. Aside from that, we can do small things to protect the environment. Simply, we can conserve water in our own little ways. It may be ironic for a human being who wastes water and at the same time humans being the ones who say "every drop counts."

Nevertheless, when every drop counts we can always do something to conserve water and eventually protect the environment.

A sensor-activated faucet used to conserve water

Not a pooping incident

Photo taken from one of the big rivers in Mindanao This photograph is not an accident of pooping. It seems a daily routine to the house...