Sunday, September 1, 2013

Getting Rich with Enrich

Ever heard of the cheapest Healthy Lifestyle and Living magazine in town? Yes, there is such full colors magazine with about 98 pages but just at a price of 65 pesos per copy. Believe me because I am a regular buyer of that magazine.

I am referring to Enrich magazine which is available in all Mercury Drug outlets nationwide. Thanks to my Suki Card (a privilege card of Mercury Drug); I can buy the magazine at 52 pesos only. I wish that next time I can afford a yearly subscription instead of buying for it on a monthly basis.

Yes, you can subscribe  for Enrich magazine and have it delivered in your home either in the Philippines or abroad. For more information, Enrich has a Facebook page and Twitter account too.

After a Year....

After almost a year, Ifinally bought a pair of shoes. 

It's been almost a year ago since I bought my last pairs of Rusty Lopez shoes for 2012. Now, I bought Rusty Lopez again at a bargain price. Had it not for the bargain price and that I am getting out of comfortable footwear already, I will not yet buy a pair of shoes. 

For many times, I got to the office in my flip flops - that which I call tsinelas leadership (#salamatjesse). When I go home, I have to wear slippers again and leave my closed black shoes in the office.

Walking is an essential part of my life. That is why I badly needed a comfy footwear. And in a tropical country like ours, open-toe sandals and slippers are all-around footwear. Except for offices that do not allow people in slippers like DFA and Camp Aguinaldo, slippers can be worn outside throughout the time. I have three pairs of shoes in the office so there is no problem with me wearing slippers when travelling from my pad to office and vice versa. 

The problem comes in when it rains. Open-toe shoes are not advisable to be worn especially when going out in the rain. Our feet might come in contact with bacteria from leptospirosis. For middle income earners (like me) who cannot simply afford for a nice rain shoes, I have no choice but to be in my slippers. I have slippers in the office too. That is why I can change footwear anytime. 

Anyway, thanks that I was able to buy a pair of shoes after a long time.Frugality, indeed, is my way of life. Otherwise, I will be buried in debt if I will be living beyond my means.


Do you want your home to be free from too much chemicals? Then try putting in some organics. 

A hand soap and a dish washing liquid of Human Nature are more of natural products. I started using these products since February of this year. And I did not regret.

In fact, I am also using a natural detergent powder. I like this Tough Love by HN because I can wash clothes manually without irrigating much my skin.

Before, I got wounds in my hands after a Saturday big wash day using a commercial detergent and a bar. Although Perla bar soap is friendly to my hands too, Tough Love powder is composed of ingredients that are mostly coconut-based (cocus nucifera) and vegetable-based. I am confident that I am safer in using natural organic soap.

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