Sunday, September 1, 2013


Do you want your home to be free from too much chemicals? Then try putting in some organics. 

A hand soap and a dish washing liquid of Human Nature are more of natural products. I started using these products since February of this year. And I did not regret.

In fact, I am also using a natural detergent powder. I like this Tough Love by HN because I can wash clothes manually without irrigating much my skin.

Before, I got wounds in my hands after a Saturday big wash day using a commercial detergent and a bar. Although Perla bar soap is friendly to my hands too, Tough Love powder is composed of ingredients that are mostly coconut-based (cocus nucifera) and vegetable-based. I am confident that I am safer in using natural organic soap.

Not a pooping incident

Photo taken from one of the big rivers in Mindanao This photograph is not an accident of pooping. It seems a daily routine to the house...