Sunday, December 28, 2014

Signs: Said and Seen

Throughout the world, there are plenty of signs that you see. In a website,, one will see posted humorous signs of misspelled words and letters in some non-English speaking countries.

In other cases, nowhere in the Philippines where I can see a sign which says "Beware of Traffic," where traffic is almost everywhere.

Here are some of the shots that have caught my attention.

Location: Quezon City, Philippines. This occupies space of the dining table in the restaurant where I ate. I had to remove this to give way to the sumptuous Chinese food that I liked.

Location: Little India, Singapore. There could be some traffic here. However, during my stay, I did not see bumper-to-bumper vehicles just like what I see regularly in Metro Manila. I just smiled and remembered EDSA.

Location: Singapore. While buying for some presents to take home, I saw this sign inside the store. For a country full of discipline, the sign is posted inside a store with CCTV camera. I cannot recall the name of the street but it was opposite the Anglican Church.

Location: Malaysia. How I wish every fire exit sign is translated into English. Thanks to the symbol, it makes easy to identify that Keluar means Exit (or Fire Exit). When it was my first time in Malaysia, the first word that I memorized was "keluar."

Location: Fire Academy, Malaysia. The name speaks of itself. True to its completeness, the Fire Academy of Malaysia is indeed world-class.

Location: National Palace, Malaysia. The Malaysian Coat of Arms. Is there something British in it? Try to see in history, who invaded Malaysia long before it became the present Malaysia.

Location: ASEAN Garden, Malaysia. I wondered why there are plenty of hibiscus here. The tourist guide told me, it is the national flower of Malaysia. By the way, the ASEAN Garden is a garden wherein every ASEAN country has a masterpiece.

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