Saturday, December 16, 2017

Where Will the Filipino Jeepneys Go

Inspired from the war jeepney model, the Philippine jeepney has indeed made a part of history.  In the Philippines, phasing out of old jeepneys and replacing them with advanced model endangers the old model of jeepney.  While the new model is more expensive than the the old one, not everybody who was able to afford the old jeepney might be able to afford the new model. 

Gerry's Jeepney restaurant
Green groups and notable local governments campaign for electric cars to reduce carbon dioxide emission. With the recent development in the automobile industry, the old jeepney may end up somewhere else. I have seen jeepneys in Gerry's Jeepney, a restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City, where the jeepneys serve as shelter for fine dining. Though space is limited, customers can still eat inside a jeepney and have an experience being inside it without actually using it for public transport. Lantaw, a floating restaurant in Cordova, Cebu also has a jeepney inside a restaurant. Literally, it is a piece of floating jeepney. It is a half of the real jeepney that serves as part of an interior design. 

When the modern car has become cheaper to acquire and the electric cars coming our way, the jeepneys that made history in the Filipinos' lives may end up as collectors items and decorative mementos like what Gerry's Jeepney and Lantaw restaurants did. Other uses of old Filipino jeepney are yet to come.

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