Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bird's Nest Fern Farming

We've been planting bird's nest fern in our yard since I was a kid. The fern grows on barks of trees around the house and in plant hangers made by my mother. My father loves plants as well that he is the one responsible for the full grown bird's nest fern in the yard. 

Plants become passion at home when we transformed the old house with barren yard into green lawn. Now, my father holds about a hundred of bird's nest ferns in the yard which he transformed into a small farm for ferns.

We are planting more in available lots around and transfer full-grown ferns in easy-to-transport pots. It takes years to have a full grown and huge bird's nest fern. We will market the ferns as these become big. Meanwhile, we can already dispatch few full grown ferns. For orders, text +63919665-9212; Email

Not a pooping incident

Photo taken from one of the big rivers in Mindanao This photograph is not an accident of pooping. It seems a daily routine to the house...