Monday, April 28, 2014

Oriang: Her Two Marriages and the Katipunan

Dambana ni Oriang, dambana ng Katipunan.
A room inside Bahay Nakpil-Bautista where Katipuneros would meet.
Oriang is the nickname of the wife of Andres Bonifacio. From Caloocan, her real name is Gregoria de Jesus.

Oriang, Gregoria de Jesus, hid under the name Lakambini.
Oriang helped organize the women's sector of the Katipunan. Her first husband was Andres Bonifacio. Their wedding took place in Binondo Church in March 1893. A week later, they were married according to Katipunan rites. After the execution of Andres Bonifacio in Cavite, Julio Nakpil offered protection to Oriang. Nakpil was the composer of the Katipunan's music. They were married in Quiapo Church in December 10, 1989. That was Oriang's second marriage.

I may not be able to recall anymore a lot of our Philippine history but thanks to the Bonifacio Artists who ushered me to Bahay Nakpil-Bautista in Quiapo, Manila. I recalled history as if it was fresh again. I learned more about the said rape of Oriang and Bonifacio's sister by the then Aguinaldo men. Oriang, like Tandang Sora, played a great role in the Katipunan. As wife of Andres Bonifacio, she had the "Sampung Tagubilin sa mga Kabataan" (Ten Advice to the Youth), while her husband had the Katilya ng Katipunan.

In English, I am sharing Oriang's Ten Advice to the Youth, which I obtained from Bahay Nakpil-Bautista. These pieces of advice were written by Gregoria de Jesus in November 5, 1928, can be considered universal and still applicable until today.
  1. Respect and love your parents because they are next to God on earth.
  2. Remember always the sacred teachings of our heroes who sacrificed their lives for love of country.
  3. Do not waste time so as not to serve as a bad example for others.
  4. Acquire knowledge diligently in the line or field of work for which you are best fitted so that you can be useful to your country.
  5. Remember that goodness is wealth.
  6. Respect your teachers who help you to see and understand, for you owe them your education as you owe your parents your life.
  7. Protect the weak from danger. 
  8. Fear history, for it respects no secrets.
  9. Great honor will be his who avoids doing evil.
  10. Promote the union of the people and the country's progress in order not to retard its independence.

A treasured piece of furniture where Rizal, Mabini and Bonifacio used
when they formed La Liga Filipina.
For you to know more about Katipunan and Gregoria de Jesus, visit the Bahay Nakpil-Bautista at 432A Bautista St., Quiapo, Manila. You just have to cross the street using Lacson Underpass if you are from Quiapo Church. It is just about two houses or establishments away from Barbosa Police Station. You can also visit

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