Friday, December 20, 2013

Things To Do While Waiting

I waited for almost seven hours today waiting for my number to be called in one single bank transaction. It sounds unbelievable but it is true.Yes, it happens.

I arrived at about 11:45 a.m. and got my number which is 982 while the tellers were only serving at about number 270's. There were two to four tellers in the morning. While the bank's system is slow, an announcement posted on the walls says that they are using a new IT system starting December 2 this year.

When system is not enough, people accumulate
in long queues standing for a long time before they can
fully exercise their right to vote
just like during national elections.
So much about the explanations. Let us go to the question. What should a normal person do while waiting for her number to be called?

The first lesson of the day is patience. If you don't have patience, you will not endure for a second of waiting.

While savoring over your patience, you have to watch your manners. How do you behave in a seat? Do you get irritated to bank personnel? What more else can you do?

Take care of your necessities. When it's time to eat, eat. Comfort rooms can welcome you from time to time. Don't get dehydrated, drink.

While everyone seems too friendly sharing similar dilemma, don't give your entire trust at all. Focus on yourself and on your transaction while enjoying some conversation with your seatmates. However, you can meet new friends in rare occasion from similar branch of services where you belong.

Watch your manners. You may get too sleepy while waiting but don't lay on the benches as if you are on a park waiting for your date to surprise you with a kiss while you're asleep. You can slouch but don't put your feet on the chairs. It's still a bank, not your dining room or your kitchen. Sitting up straight as a practice may be waived on this waiting period. This does not mean however that you will be in a lousy posture throughout your waiting period.

As a busy person, time is important. Bring with you always something to read. Be it a magazine or a business book you're currently reading. Who knows you will finish it in one sitting? I finished one Reader's Digest while waiting for today and it was not even enough. I don't have other more materials to read.

Thanks, I got my pen and my steno notebook. I always bring with me a steno notebook. I learned to use steno notebook way back my college OJT days some about 13 years ago. Until now I still prefer to use it for my drafts. In a bus, when an idea suddenly pops out of my mind, I have to write it before it's gone like a shooting star.

Don't be a disturbance to fellow bank customers who might get irritated of your unlikely behavior. Remember that they are on similar situation as you do.

How about you, how do you manage your waiting time? Just be patient and everything about you follows.

This post has been published in the Yahoo Voices.

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