Friday, February 7, 2014

Of Pork and Being Famous

Perhaps pig turned out to be the most famous animal in the Philippines as the year 2013 ended. It was because of the pork barrel fund scam amounting to about 10 billion pesos. Parody here and spoof everywhere made Miss Janet Napoles to be associated with pig image.

As I visited the Farmers' Congress dubbed as INAHGEN 2014, pig is among the center of attraction together with other farm animals like cattle  and chicken. Of the pig-related things that had caught my attention, I can say that pigs are indeed famous with the following three hits of mine:

Pork in the Barrel booth
1. Pork in the Barrel. A contest in a booth sponsored by Quinomax wherein a guest is given the chance to pick among the toy pigs in a barrel. Every pig in a barrel has an equivalent prize, whether major or consolation. It is one of the pork-related booths that caught my attention when a lot of people queue in for the contest that was fun.

Hair-on pig native leather, Bureau of Animal Industry's exhibit.
2. Hair-on Pig Native Leather. I thought it was a hanging bat. I understood it as a work of art in the first glance. When I got closer, it is a pig - a hanging pig with its face. It is a hanging native pig's leather with hair. Beside it are derived fine leather made from pig skin. 

3. Animals on guard on a seat. With pig always on the scene, a seat is decorated with animals. I also saw real pigs - boar for sale - in the said congress.

Leather derived from pig skin

A pig turns out to be famous always. I eat its meat - pork. People talk about it through the pork barrel fund scam while Percy is the famous pig of Marks & Spencer.

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