Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Conserve peat swamp forests, conserve our future

What is a peatland?

Peat is a soil which is composed of 65% or more organic matter (mostly semi-decomposed plant matter: trees, sedges, grasses, mosses); Normally black in color and spongy (Peat can contain c 90% water) ; Contrast: Mineral soils are made up of inorganic matter (e.g. sand, silt, clay). – ASEAN Peatlands Forest Project

South Langat Peat Swamp Forest

How is a peatland related to fire protection?

Peat has high carbon content and can burn under low moisture conditions. Once ignited by the presence of a heat source (e.g. a wildfire penetrating the subsurface), it smolders. These smoldering fires can burn undetected for very long periods of time (months, years and even centuries) propagating in a creeping fashion through the underground peat layer. Peat fires are emerging as a global threat with significant economic, social and ecological impacts. -source: wikipedia
near Raja Musa Forest Reserve

at Kuala Selangor Nature Park, a wetland.

Not a pooping incident

Photo taken from one of the big rivers in Mindanao This photograph is not an accident of pooping. It seems a daily routine to the house...