Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saving the Philippine Peatlands

There are only but a few PEATLANDS in the world. The Philippines is one of the lucky countries to have PEATLANDS. You can do your share in saving our own PEATLANDS. Let us act NOW.

In February 2011, I was involved in PEATLANDS, not in the Philippines but in Malaysia.
I will continuously do my part in this endeavor until there are PEATLANDS that must be protected.
Planting trees in Raja Musa Forest Reserve with Dr. Paulino Cabahit .

Two Filipinos in Malaysia. We formed part of that important day for our planet, the World Wetlands  Day.

Can a hotel look like a factory?

While gathering for the kick off ceremony of the Manila Bay rehabilitation at the Quirino Grandstand, I was surprised to see this.  ...